Restricting Underage Access

Juul Labs UK has a code of practice to ensure responsible marketing and sales of JUUL products.

Vapour products are age-restricted by law. In the UK, the minimum age to purchase is 18. Any retailer who sells a vapour product to someone under the age of 18 is committing an offence, and both the business owner and staff members who made the sale may be penalised.

Challenge 25

While the legal age of purchase in the UK is 18, all Juul Labs UK retail partners must comply with Juul Labs’ “Challenge 25” policy, whereby any customer who appears under the age of 25 must produce ID to prove that they are at least 18. Retailers are regularly monitored through a mystery shopper auditing programme to ensure adherence. Those that fail to comply may lose their status as an authorized JUUL retailer.

It may be helpful to display signage advising customers that your retail store will not sell vapour products to anyone under the age of 18. Challenge 25 window vinyls and posters are available for retailers supporting the initiative. Contact your sales manager to order Challenge 25 and JUUL-branded point-of-sale materials and fixtures.

Product-Quantity Limits

To mitigate bulk purchasing (when an adult may buy age-restricted products to distribute amongst those underage), Juul Labs UK imposes product-quantity limits that restrict the number of JUUL products that may be purchased in a transaction.

Restricting Underage Access at Retail and Online

No underage person should purchase nicotine in any form, including our products. Our purpose is to transition and completely switch adult smokers from combustible cigarettes, but this can only be accomplished responsibly if there are restrictions on access by underage persons.

  • Minimum Purchase Age. We support a consistent minimum purchase age for all tobacco products, and support a minimum of 18 years.

  • Age-and-Identity Verification at Purchase. Vapour products should be sold, at retail or online, only after effective age and identity verification (for example using a government or third-party verified identity card). We also support instituting mystery shop programs to monitor retailer compliance with age verification requirements.

  • Illicit and Illegally Accessed Product. We support implementing policies and new technologies that prevent adults from buying vapour products with the intent to resell those products to underage people, including restrictions on purchase quantities. Policies and new technology should be explored to identify and remove illicit products from the market.

Retailers who sell JUUL products online must comply with Juul Labs’ age verification requirements. Juul Labs partners with a leading test purchasing company in the UK as we implement a robust age verification and retailer sales programme in place with all our Authorised Retailers to assist with their obligations in this regard. The test purchasing company we partner with monitors and tests the websites to verify whether age verification is being completed in accordance with the terms of our Age Verification Policy.

Third-party online delivery sales

Retailers and third-party aggregators that sell e-cigarettes online through a delivery service or online ordering platform must conduct ID checks before any JUUL products are delivered to a customer.