Resources from Juul Labs UK, Trade Associations, and Regulatory Bodies

Juul Labs

Age Verification and Retailer Sales Policies

View Juul Labs’ Age Verification and Retailer Sales Policies, which include details on the Company’s policies spanning standards that aim to restrict underage access, limit underage appeal, and enforce against the marketing and sale of illicit products.

Download Age Verification and Retailer Sales Policies


Refusals Register

If a customer fails to produce a valid photo-ID that confirms their age, the sale should be refused and recorded in this Refusals Register after the customer has left the premises.

Download Printable Refusals Register PDF


Challenge 25

Challenge 25 window vinyls and posters are available for retailers supporting the initiative. Contact your sales manager to order Challenge 25 and JUUL-branded point-of-sale signage and fixtures.

To learn more about Challenge 25, please watch the following video.

Associations and Services

UK Government

United Kingdom public sector information website created by the Government Digital Service. provides a single point of access to HM Government services.

Trading Standards

Trading Standards are a government service in place to protect consumers and businesses from unfair trading and illegal activity. 

Primary Authority

A Primary Authority is a legal partnership between businesses and individual local authorities that may provide customised advice and support to businesses on meeting trading standards, environmental health, or fire safety regulations. 

Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) Product Database

The MHRA publishes a list of “notified” vapour products. All vapour products must be notified to the MHRA before they can be sold. When sourcing new vapour products, retailers should check that the product has received a compliant notification that has been published on the MHRA website.

MHRA Yellow Card Reporting Site

Report potential instances of defective or illicit products to the MHRA through the Yellow Card Reporting Site.

Association of Convenience Store (ACS) 

The Association of Convenience Stores is a trade association that represents and supports members of the retail community through comprehensive advice on best practices for compliance.

ACS Underage Use Prevention Guide 

The ACS has published a guide for retailers that detail their legal obligations and best practices for preventing underage sales. 

Tobacco and Related Product Regulations 2016 (TRPR)

The European Union Tobacco Products Directive “TPD” is the framework that sets minimum regulatory standards and processes for tobacco products, electronic cigarettes, and herbal products for smoking in the European Union.