Education and Training

Juul Labs UK is committed to preventing underage access to our products. One effective way to restrict underage access in retail stores is to operate a Challenge 25 Policy.

Challenge 25 Programme

To be an authorised retailer of Juul Labs UK, one must operate Challenge 25 by asking anyone who appears under the age of 25 to present a valid ID proving that they are at least the legal age of 18.

Challenge 25 is a program that is designed to help protect retailers from illegally selling to those underage. It is a best practice for retailer compliance when selling any age-gated categories.

Juul Labs UK regularly monitors retailer compliance through a mystery shopper auditing programme to ensure adherence to age-verification. Retailers that fail to comply may risk penalties, up to and including being suspended as an authorized retailer of JUUL products. 

Retailers should request photographic forms of ID such as:

Proof of Age Standards Scheme (PASS)

There are a number of different types of PASS cards, it is therefore important to familiarise your staff with the PASS hologram to ensure they only accept verified cards.

Military ID (MOD 90)

Military ID cards may be used as proof of age. Military ID cards are held by all serving personnel, including 16 and 17 years old, so you must check the details on the card, including date of birth and expiry date.

Remember no ID, no Sale

Age Verification

We fully support the ‘Challenge 25’ initiative.

Juul Labs UK may provide Challenge 25 window vinyls and posters to authorized retailers. For Challenge 25 point-of-sale materials, please contact your sales manager to place an order.

Age Verification

As a quick reminder to help your staff when serving customers, consider the "S.T.A.R." method.
Many illegal underage sales are carried out by busy sales staff who don’t look up and consider the age of the customer. Acknowledging your customer on ‘entry’ will give you the opportunity to assess if they look under 25
Pause and consider the age of the person in front of you. Do they look under 25?
It is easier to determine whether someone looks under 25 than whether someone looks under 18. If you think the customer looks under 25, ask for Identification. Whenever in doubt, ask for ID.
If the customer cannot provide ID, refuse the sale, ensure you log this in your refusals register

You must refuse if the person cannot prove they are 18 or over

There are times it may be uncomfortable for retail staff to ask customers to prove their age; however, it is important that staff feel confident when asking for identification. Please keep in mind:

  • Clear Challenge 25 signage helps boost staff confidence by alerting customers that they will be required to have an ID if they look under the age of 25.
  • Store owners are liable for the actions of their staff. It is critical to ensure that staff are trained to prevent underage sales.
  • Juul Labs UK is committed to providing retailers with tools and support to prevent underage access to vaping products.

The following video link will provide more detailed education and training on Challenge 25.